Purchase at least three qualifying Westinghouse products to receive a cashback of up to $500.

Promotion commences 1st August 2020 and closes 8th November 2020.

What do I need to claim*?

Model numbers of purchased products
Full receipt – Must be in same name as claim of the cashback

Showing purchase date, purchase models, name of purchaser and the balance of your receipt must be $0 (zero).

Serial Number

If you don’t have these you must still submit your claim by 8th December and then come back before 6th February to supply your serial number once you receive your products.
Please use our serial number guide to find your serial number: download guide PDF

*You will not be able to receive your Cashback until all above information has been provided and verified.

If you a submit a claim for this cashback promotion, you will not be eligible in the Westinghouse Dishcare Gift With Purchase promotion.

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